The End Of History

Sunday, October 24, 2004

And so 20 days and many good intentions on...

.. I return.

I suppose thats my problem at the moment, I lack drive, there are things I want to do but I can't get round to doing them. According to some I'm lazy, but the problem isn't that simple: I'm lethargic and there is a subtle difference. When I actually have a task set before me with a goal I can see, I go for it. When there is no goal set, I just mill around wondering what to do next, I can see things I should be doing but targeting them and starting them is my problem. Once I've started something I tend to finish it to the best of my abilities, this is something that being back at woolies has reminded me at least.

Now don't get me wrong here, I'm not some mindless drone who can't think for themselves, far from it. I think too much sometimes, my problem is doing, or at least starting to do everything following on is easier. And so to the point of this post.

Rather than just wandering round with this aimless idea of things I should be doing yet not actually doing them, I'm going to do them, by setting myself a certain number of daily and weekly targets. This may sound alot like an Adrian Molesque sceheme involving good intentions mixed with a healthy dose of 'You can turn your life around by following the tips in my book - available from all good TV shopping channels near you!' But quite frankly it's got to be worth a go, and so I sit here now taping my daily and weekly goals into a spreadsheet, expect an update later when I remember how tables work in html.

Now if I could just find teh spell check button...

Monday, October 04, 2004

The Beginning Of The End

From so many people of older generations I have heard things along the lines of:
"I left school on Friday, and on Monday I was working down the pit" (This being Wales, to clarify)

By comparison, my weekend has been:
"I handed my thesis in on Friday, and on Monday I started work in Woolies.

My story may lack the hardship, but the change is just as jarring.

That is that. Uni is over, and with it my life as I know it. After writing 30 something thousand words of thesis you'd think I would have had enough of this whole writing milarky, but I have to have some outlet for my musings or I'll start to bore people in real life, and so a blog it is.